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Monthly Archive for: "July, 2010"

Fear Can Be A Good Thing

Fear is a very powerful emotion; It can cause one to experience feelings of vulnerability and if you allow it, fear can virtually paralyze you. But it’s very much a double edged sword. Fear can also trigger adrenaline and instincts that can save your life in times of need. I remember watching a documentary on […]Read More
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    Socialnomics Reality Check

    After watching this video you can’t deny business processes and technology hasn’t evolved over the years. Have you adapted your lifestyle? You probably have 100+ friends on Facebook- Have you attempted to leverage your social influence? Social media is the 3rd era of the web. The realm in which we utilize social media may change, […]Read More
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    • NJNAnother great read that backs up the theory that social medi...
    • NJNMastermind, Thanks for the post. Justin Kistner is the ma...
    • Christian HunterHey brother, When you say "social media is the 3rd era of t...


    A word so simple, yet so complex. Business is defined by the dictionary as: “an occupation, profession, or trade. The purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit” – Is that your definition? Business means so much more to me; passion, resilience, focus, goal setting, leadership, accountability, determination, networking, an open […]Read More
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