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Monthly Archive for: "August, 2010"

5 Cardinal Rules Of Domain Investing

Domain investing is the art and practice of acquiring a sought after domain and monetizing it in an effort to turn a profit. I eat,  sleep and breathe this topic 7 days a week and in my personal opinion there are 5 cardinal rules that one must follow: 1.The Double D’s aka Due Diligence- Everyone […]Read More
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  • Ben RacicotLove your site Nima! I'll read anything you post....
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Are such a blessing. I spent the entire weekend in Colorado on business, but was able to spend a lot of my down time with my best friends family. He has four little boys that range from 1-6yrs old and I had the time of my life. These kids are fun, high energy, light hearted […]Read More
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    AutoHotkey Is Simply Marvelous

    Do you have a repetitive task that you have to process on a regular basis? If so, autohotkey is your new best friend! This is a utility I use at work on a daily basis and it makes my career so much more enjoyable. Autohotkeys allows one to streamline tasks that would otherwise take hours […]Read More
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    • NimaFANWOW. First off, I feel like a complete fool for not knowing...

    .CO Auction Tutorial

    This video is super helpful if you invested in a .Co during landrush and it’s in auction. This beautiful video shows you how to log in, place a bid, what the bidding process is like and what the minimum requirements to bid are. If you haven’t registered your .Co yet, go to your favorite domain […]Read More
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