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Monthly Archive for: "October, 2011"

SEO Endorsed By Google’s Matt Cutts

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it means we’re optimizing your site to help Google, Bing & Yahoo better crawl, index and rank your website. That’s important to your small business because it translates to more traffic, conversions and revenue. What that really means is more time with your spouse, kids and hobbies and […]Read More
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Information Overload

Why do we sign up for so many services, newsletters, commit to meetings and ultimately spread ourselves so thin? Information Overload: 107 trillion emails were sent in 2010 There are over 255 Million websites on the web 39% growth in the number of Apache driven sites Over 202 Million domain names across all TLD’s 1.97 […]Read More
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    Idea #435908453

    Ideas are good. Quite possibly a new currency of sorts, but with out follow through your idea is just that–An idea. I had a dear friend invite me over to his home last night to pitch me on the next “Facebook.” At 11pm I hopped out of the shower and headed over. He promised me […]Read More
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    • Joomla DevelopmentSeveral things in here' haven't considered before.Thank you ...
    • Nima Nojoumi@79dc0545b2ccfdb58b57116443e9fff7:disqus -Read this post: ...
    • Jonny SilverWhat about a social media blog specifically for restaurants ...

    Perpetual Optimism By General Colin Powell

    I had the honor of meeting and having dinner with, General Colin Powell, last night. I’m a big fan of his doctrine on leadership and was excited to see what kind of wisdom he’d share with our group. One of his laws to leadership is on the ripple effect a leader possesses– Perpetual optimism is […]Read More
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    • ElishaBuen Post Me fascinó la forma en que aborda sobre el tema....

    Mentor vs Advisor

    A mentor is someone you look up to that has a proven track record that you’d like to learn from and they see potential in you. They want to lend a hand because at some point in their career a mentor helped them get the jump start they needed to get ahead. The mentor believes […]Read More
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