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Monthly Archive for: "January, 2013"

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

The purpose of today’s post is to help you learn how to think like an entrepreneur. Over the past two decades I’ve watched different career paths rise in popularity. Entrepreneurs are now followed and admired more than ever.Read More
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  • NimaThanks for reading and commenting, Rich. It reinforces why I...
  • RichNima, Thanks for the post. "The only failure that leaves...

10 Steps To Identify Your Customers And Competition

I wrote an article called 5 steps to turn your idea into a business. There was a solid response so I’m going to further elaborate by posting an article on each of the 5 steps. Today's post is about validated learningRead More
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5 Steps To Turn Your Idea Into A Business

You have the next big idea, but feel like you’re missing the know how to turn your idea into a business. You’re not alone, most entrepreneurs in training feel like they’re missing some sort of secret sauce.Read More
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