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Adsense Channels to Track Domain Monetization


If you’re like 98% of domain investors you’re probably using Google AdSense to monetize domains. To avoid a cluster of random earnings funneling into your AdSense account you can setup Google AdSense Channels for each domain that is being monetized. The AdSense Channels option separates earnings by domain making it easier to track. Simply log into Google AdSense and use the screen shot above as a point of reference.

Domain investing can be  lucrative, it can also be very speculative,  but the bottom line is organization and focus  is the key to success in any business.

Special thanks to Brett Meyers in executive accounts for his assistance with the article.


adsense channels


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  • mike

    I purchased Go Daddy’s Quick Content in bulk and it was a total nightmare in Google Adsense. Now it’s all organized and I can track how much each mini-site is earning. Keep the tips coming!!!

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