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Startup Monday: Airlock Delivers Simple, Secure Cloud Hosting With A Twist

I connected with Airlock on Twitter and recognized the value they can add to a hosting sector that either delivers too little or costs too much. The airlock team brings years of technical experience, passion and problem solving ability to the table.Read More
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Startup Monday: Hyperdrive-Funded Dandy Brings App Ideas To Market

Welcome to Startup Monday! Today we’re featuring Dandy, a hot startup that’s ready to change the world. I’ll introduce you to the founders, their vision and how they’re executing their idea.Read More
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  • Matt ScobelDandy is an open forum for providing feedback on app ideas, ...
  • By Nima Jacob NojoumiJackson, that's a really good question. I forwarded it to th...
  • JacksonHow is the IP protected in the community?...

Startup Interview GroupNotes.Ca (@GroupNotes): Startup Weekend, Sleepless Nights, And The Launch!

Welcome to a new series called Startup Monday! Every week I’ll interview a hot up and coming startup that’s ready to change the world. is..Read More
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Personal Note To My Go Daddy Family

You’ve heard of Go Daddy, right? The multi-billion dollar domain registrar and hosting provider. The company that promotes risky commercials during the super bowl. That’s the Go Daddy you probably know. The 3,000 employees that built the company on their blood, sweat and tears know a different story.Read More
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  • Bob KiserIn this post, to provide service to the customers of Go Dadd...
  • AshThanks for sharing, Nima. I'll miss it all too, even if it's...
  • Justin FinkelsteinThank you for all the warm words. Spot on for everything. ...

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

The purpose of today’s post is to help you learn how to think like an entrepreneur. Over the past two decades I’ve watched different career paths rise in popularity. Entrepreneurs are now followed and admired more than ever.Read More
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  • NimaThanks for reading and commenting, Rich. It reinforces why I...
  • RichNima, Thanks for the post. "The only failure that leaves...
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