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10 Steps To Identify Your Customers And Competition

I wrote an article called 5 steps to turn your idea into a business. There was a solid response so I’m going to further elaborate by posting an article on each of the 5 steps. Today's post is about validated learningRead More
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5 Steps To Turn Your Idea Into A Business

You have the next big idea, but feel like you’re missing the know how to turn your idea into a business. You’re not alone, most entrepreneurs in training feel like they’re missing some sort of secret sauce.Read More
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A Personal Note To My Maui Family

I learned a lot about myself and about the beauty that is Hawaii. We woke up at 6am daily and maximized almost every hour possible and in the process took over 400 pictures. Truth be told the real beauty lies in the people of Maui.Read More
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  • marshallmindSo true. The aloha spirit is still with me as well. I haven'...
  • Brian GilbertNice article. I know exactly how you feel. I told you I li...

Introduction to Business Law

Legal vocabulary is loaded with jargon. What this translates to is acute attention to detail because a harmless oversight can be costly. One word can completely change the context of a sentence which can lend itself to liability. I learned the only 100% valid answer to any legal question is, “It depends.” Read More
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Short Term vs. Long Term Gains

Positive values, high morals and professional ethics earn admiration. Honesty and transparency are rewarded. Take your time and have faith in yourself. You’re better off with slow long term gains than a quick rise to the top followed by a nose dive to the bottom.Read More
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  • marshallmindIntegrity definitely goes a long way. Which of his technique...
  • GregComparing these two icons is clearly comparing apples and or...
  • marshallmindThat's a good question. I respect Dave Ramsey on topics such...
  • JeremiSo are you more of a Dave Ramsey guy vs a Tim Ferriss guy?...
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