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Adsense Channels to Track Domain Monetization

If you’re like 98% of domain investors you’re probably using Google AdSense to monetize domains. To avoid a cluster of random earnings funneling into your AdSense account you can setup Google AdSense Channels for each domain that is being monetized. The AdSense Channels option separates earnings by domain making it easier to track. Simply log […]Read More
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  • mikeI purchased Go Daddy's Quick Content in bulk and it was a to...

Rental Property

I’ve been invested in real estate since I was 17yrs old and find it to be a very therapeutic hobby. Growing up I witnessed my father acquiring, remodeling and renting out distressed commercial & residential real estate. My grandfather told us “you have to take something that appears to be dead and breathe life into […]Read More
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    Free Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO and fortunately for us there are plenty of free keyword research tools on the web. This practice  is so important that your efforts are pretty much worthless if you target incorrect keywords because the end user searching for your site will never find you. Below are keyword […]Read More
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