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AutoHotkey Is Simply Marvelous


Do you have a repetitive task that you have to process on a regular basis? If so, autohotkey is your new best friend! This is a utility I use at work on a daily basis and it makes my career so much more enjoyable. Autohotkeys allows one to streamline tasks that would otherwise take hours to process manually and puts my focus back on consulting (which is what I love doing). I was lucky enough to learn about this free download by a good friend at work- Justin, I owe you one.

Autohotkey is an open source macro-creation and automation script that creates shortcuts on your keyboard. This utility may take you a half hour to figure out, but it’s worth its weight in gold.


Quote: “Lost time is never found again.” -Ben Franklin

By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
Die hard entrepreneur, startup adviser, world traveler, blogger, inbound marketing addict and evangelist of the American Dream. Helping people is my passion, business is my vehicle.
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  • NimaFAN

    WOW. First off, I feel like a complete fool for not knowing this already. The ability to autohotkey these tasks will save me so much time. Thank you so much for this article, Domain Advisor! You are the best!

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