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Socialnomics Reality Check

After watching this video you can’t deny business processes and technology hasn’t evolved over the years. Have you adapted your lifestyle? You probably have 100+ friends on Facebook- Have you attempted to leverage your social influence? Social media is the 3rd era of the web. The realm in which we utilize social media may change, […]
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Fear Can Be A Good Thing

Fear is a very powerful emotion; It can cause one to experience feelings of vulnerability and if you allow it, fear can virtually paralyze you. But it’s very much a double edged sword. Fear can also trigger adrenaline and instincts that can save your life in times of need. I remember watching a documentary on […]
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Are such a blessing. I spent the entire weekend in Colorado on business, but was able to spend a lot of my down time with my best friends family. He has four little boys that range from 1-6yrs old and I had the time of my life. These kids are fun, high energy, light hearted […]
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Embrace Wisdom

A very close family friend reached out to me advising I should read Proverbs. He said to me there are “31 days in the month and 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, read one daily and your wisdom will grow exponentially”. He was quoting Steven Scott: Fortune Found in Proverbs. Last night I decided […]
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