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Mentor vs Advisor

A mentor is someone you look up to that has a proven track record that you’d like to learn from and they see potential in you. They want to lend a hand because at some point in their career a mentor helped them get the jump start they needed to get ahead. The mentor believes […]
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Measure Every Metric

The difference between success and failure can simply boil down to how much attention is dedicated to metrics. Reflecting on my Google analytics report I realize the significance between vanity metrics, real metrics and stuff I didn’t track at all. Vanity metric is a stat that’s inflated, used to pump up your real numbers and […]
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Miss Me

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, but it feels like a life time. For the past month I’ve been working nutty hours from 8am-1am almost daily, celebrated my 27th bday in Vegas and was honored to attend my cousins wedding on the east coast. In the process I finished one book […]
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Put Your Two Cents In On Nima.Co

Have you ever read a blog and wished you could politely and indirectly provide feedback? Maybe the person that’s blogging is providing good info, but it’s over your head, or maybe you’re looking for high level actionable items and they’re writing on the basics.  I definitely have, but I didn’t know how to go about […]
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