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Domain Branding by Sana Ahmed

Domain Branding

Domain Branding

Today’s guest post is from a very talented and accomplished friend that works at the largest independent tech news site on the web! Please give her a warm welcome.

Howdy folks, my name is Sana Ahmed and I’m doing a guest post on Nima.Co.  Jacob happens to be a colleague of mine whom I deeply respect.

Nima Jacob Nojoumi gave me my first break in social media.  It was then that I knew I was off to a great start at something big!  When I learned WordPress and began to blog on one of his domains, I learned my first lessons on working hard, consistently, and being a team player to have a well branded domain.

As I have learned from and observed Jacob over the years, there is one crucial lesson that sticks out in my mind.  Jacob has developed a strong personal and professional brand, and has transferred it successfully into a domain.  Whether you’re a business brand or personal brand, this is a key skill set to have in building your online business.

When I come across any of Jacob’s domains, I can sense his leadership skills written all over them.  Jacob’s generosity in helping others while developing a strong product makes his brand invaluable in so many ways.  His desire to learn, grow and be the best also gets captured in his work with domain assets.  There is a serious focus to each of his domains which shows he is willing to get down to business and get the job done.

A domain is an extension of a personal interest you may have.  It might be a hobby or something deeper that gets you closer to your life long dream.  Whatever it is, everyone needs to learn that domain branding and development begins from within.  We all need to figure out what our core values are and how we’ll bring that to anything we do.  A domain is no different.

After doing some soul searching and writing down your values, you have to harmonize them into your domain development strategy.

Create a list for yourself and start filling in the following:

  • Domain & brand that I want to build:
  • Personal Values I want to invest into this domain
  • The story behind why I’m pursuing this
  • The story behind the brand itself and what you want it to become
  • Adversities I’m willing to take on while doing this
  • The beginning, middle, and exit strategy of the domain project

Making yourself think about the things above will allow you to create a complete picture for your domain.  Living in web 3.0, it’s an exciting time for us all.  We can create a domain that is meaningful to us and our audiences.  The trick is taking time to develop your leadership skills, your vision, and a game plan to transform the domain of your dreams.  Building a brand and investing in a domain goes far beyond the initial purchase. It requires dedication and focus to develop a product you can be proud of.

Benefits of Domain Branding: 

  • A domain brand should be short and easy to remember
  • Will help your brand stay consistent online and offline ensuring the customer experience is always at a high level
  • Opens up the opportunity for one to become a brand champion to advocate the brand, guard it and provide consumers with a living embodiment to connect with
  • Attracts loyal customers that come back because they feel a connection with the brand
  • A well positioned and capable brand can help sustain business during turbulent economic times and will lend itself to new revenue opportunities

While development and domain branding can be intimidating, you’re not alone.  Nima.Co is a fantastic source to get you started and moving along in the right direction.  I’m adding Nima.Co to my RSS feed and you might want to as well!

By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
Die hard entrepreneur, startup adviser, world traveler, blogger, inbound marketing addict and evangelist of the American Dream. Helping people is my passion, business is my vehicle.
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  • Domain_Newbie

    This was super helpful. I wasn’t exactly sure if there was a difference between personal, business and domain branding. Now it makes sense since the domain is like you said an extension of the brand. One question comes to mind….If you’re a domainer how do you pick which domain to start with?! I have hundreds…

    • Sana Ahmed

      Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.

      I think the best domain to start with is your domain.  I had a handful of domains myself. I was getting lost between my projects’ brands and my several domains that I was passionate about.  A colleague, Jason Silvestri told me to start building my own domain first. 

      Once you take your personal name domain and build it on one topic you want to be an expert on, you’ll start building content on your domain effortlessly!

  • Anonymous

    Test post

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