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Domain News
Domain News

Domain News Photo courtesy of: Nadia Meslem

Why Domain News?

Reading domain news and domain investing blogs is the #1 proactive way to increase your knowledge and shorten your learning curve in the domain industry. I’ve personally been a domain investor for almost six years and I’ll admit the best source of information hasn’t been e-books or other material. I’ve learned everything I know from mentors in the domain industry and by reading domain news on a daily basis. Not only does it give you a topic to share and discuss with colleagues, but it also educates you on new startups, who’s who in the game, resources and best practices.

There are hundreds of informational resources online for domain news, but I narrowed it down to a list that provide high quality, non biased and professional insight into domaining. You’ll notice that the domain news feed below is mixed with online marketing resources and SEO is a hot topic. The reason behind this is half a decade ago when I entered the domain investing niche the primary focus was strictly on domaining. I quickly realized a domain can only carry you so far and the real knowledge that must be acquired to successfully launch an online business revolves around lead generation aka search engine optimization.

Domain News Will Teach You How To Fish

What to expect from a Domain News Blog:

  • Domain news & updates
  • How to appraise the value of a domain name
  • How to acquire an undervalued asset
  • How to properly monetize a domain asset
  • Different methods and strategies
  • How to flip domains
  • Resources and best practices
  • Best domain portfolio management practices
  • Special promotions and discounts at different registrars
  • How to successfully plan an exit strategy


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