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Duplicate Finder

The duplicate word finder has quickly become one of my favorite domain tools. Say you have a domain renewal list and you paste it into your domain manager (at your domain registrar), but the number of domains listed in the domain manager doesn’t match your list. Depending on how many domains you’re working with this could potentially be a huge waste of productivity and time. Well, you’re in luck! The duplicate word finder allows you to copy / paste both lists and instantly tells you which domains are missing.

Simple step by step instructions are below:

  1. Create your renewal list
  2. Paste into the domain cleaner to parse out any hidden scripting
  3. Paste your list in your domain manager
  4. If the two lists don’t match then paste both lists into the duplicate word finder
  5. Click “check” and you’re done!
I hope you bookmark this domain tool and use it frequently like I do! If you have any suggestions for the duplicate finder please feel free to contact me.


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