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Free Keyword Research Tools


keyword researchKeyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO and fortunately for us there are plenty of free keyword research tools on the web. This practice  is so important that your efforts are pretty much worthless if you target incorrect keywords because the end user searching for your site will never find you. Below are keyword research tools that I use on a regular basis and find very helpful.

Google Keyword Tool- The “Don Dada” of them all. This bad boy allows you to type in a keyword and it spits out all the facts you need. examples: CPC value, global and local search volume, advertiser competition, etc. Make sure when you’re using this tool to purchase keyword rich domains or to research keyword search volume that you are looking at the “exact match” & not the “broad” match type. The difference is detrimental to your campaign and your expectations.

Thesaurus- This is a unconventional tool to use but I find it provides different ideas and synonyms to use in keyword research tools.

Google Insights- Use this tool to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories & time frames. Once you perform your search Google insights provides you with “top search terms” and “rising search terms”.

Google Search- Type in “Free keyword research tools” and you’ll see a list of websites offering a free trial like,,, etc.

Your Competition- Start your campaign by researching your competitors and what’s currently working for them. This may seem like a simple or logical thing to do but it is often over looked. You can do this by simply using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search for the term you want to target and click on the 1st result. Once your browser loads look at the source code of the website and search for the term “keyword” in the meta tags. This is a quick and easy way to find terms your competition is targeting.

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