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Information Overload


Why do we sign up for so many services, newsletters, commit to meetings and ultimately spread ourselves so thin?

Information Overload:
  • 107 trillion emails were sent in 2010
  • There are over 255 Million websites on the web
  • 39% growth in the number of Apache driven sites
  • Over 202 Million domain names across all TLD’s
  • 1.97 Billion internet users worldwide
  • 152 Million blogs on the internet
  • Over 2 Billion videos watched per day on Youtube

When I first started my career in the tech space I had one email address, would read a book every six to twelve months, a normal 9-5 and would have a couple conversations a week. Fast forward to today and I now have 8 email addresses, 150 emails a day,  read a book every month, work 90hrs a week and in that time I share 200 conversations.

If you share a similar life, and you haven’t already, then it’s time to get uber selective. This may sound like common sense, but give priority to the people that invest in you. Give your time to people that make you happy, share similar interests and essentially push you to be a better version of yourself.

If you’re experiencing information overload try doing the following things:

  • Unsubscribe from daily deals and newsletters you don’t read. Don’t worry, you’re not going to miss anything groundbreaking
  • Consolidate email addresses and organize via folders
  • Use Google Calendar or iCal to schedule reminders, tasks and to-do lists
  • Try time management apps like Action Method
  • Entrust your colleagues with tasks to help accomplish a common goal
If I overlooked your favorite time management program, tactic or resource please leave a comment below. I’d love to learn how you keep information overload at bay.

By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
Die hard entrepreneur, startup adviser, world traveler, blogger, inbound marketing addict and evangelist of the American Dream. Helping people is my passion, business is my vehicle.
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