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Nima.Co’s 1yr Anniversary Post!


Nima.Co 1yr anniversary post

One year ago today I wrote Nima.Co’s first blog post describing how passionate I am about using business as a vehicle to help people. After reflecting on the past year I realize the one element that I initially undervalued was my relationships ( just wrote a great article on this topic).

If you’ve ever had a good conversation with me then you’ve definitely heard me say “your network is your net-worth” at some point (my close friends make fun of me because they’ve heard me say it so many times). I got that brilliant quote from Keith Ferrazzi’s book when I was an ambassador for his social networking forum (Check out his book: Never Eat Alone–Fantastic read). Which leads me to my point; knowing something and experiencing it first hand  are completely different. I knew networking and building relationships was something I’m passionate about, but I hadn’t experienced it like I can say I have now.

I can whole heartedly say any person you meet that has experienced some level of success owes part of that to one or more people.

Id like to thank Matthew Roldan for supporting me with  everything he’s got and for believing in me even when I doubted myself. The road behind us is our foundation, but the road ahead will prove to be our greatest.

I have to give it up to my cousin (more like a brother) Shad Nojoumi for teaching me lessons through his many business related experiences. He’s always got my back and has taught me lessons that are priceless.

I’d like to thank Brad & Noelle Larson of scottsdale directories for opening up an opportunity when I needed it most. The simple decision to invite me into their life in Arizona changed the direction of my life forever. I’ll never be able to repay you.

Rick Bartleman of Arizona web design  ( has to be one of the most talented and giving individuals I’ve ever met. He’s been a very close friend and mentor that has contributed selflessly.

Brian Gilbert you are one awesome guy. By far my favorite friend in the domain industry. Always cracking jokes, making me laugh and reminding me not to take myself too seriously. Thank you for helping me take my seo game to the next level by dropping knowledge bombs on me.

Cole Cameron for always being supportive, but reminding me what’s most important in life. And for always giving me a fresh perspective on things when I get carried away.

Christian Hunter, where do I even begin? We’ve spent hundreds or possibly thousands of hours on the phone. Most of which would consist of you educating me on your real life and Multi-Million dollar experiences. I’m your #1 fan.

Sasan Nikoomanesh you have invested a considerable amount of time listening to me pitch idea after idea. Always allowing me to be as enthusiastic as the first pitch and never once made me feel inadequite. Thank you for always  reminding me to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Edgar Montiel for always keeping me accountable by reminding me to finish strong.

Mom, Farima and Fazel your time and support has carried me through obstacle after obstacle. I can’t thank you enough. And of course the rest of my family, friends, co-workers and followers for picking me up when I need it most.

I want to apologize in advance for any typos or misspellings as I’m posting this article on my cell phone from Denver, Colorado where we spent the day at Bandimere race track with VIP treatment. A big thank you to Chris Dale of Lucas Oil for providing us with a world class experience. You’re a true gentlemen!

By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
Die hard entrepreneur, startup adviser, world traveler, blogger, inbound marketing addict and evangelist of the American Dream. Helping people is my passion, business is my vehicle.
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  • Stefan


    First off, I would like to congratulate you on a successful first year with your blog/informational site.  Most of all, I would like to thank you for being a great friend/mentor.  I have read a few of your posts and listened to your words of knowledge.  The post that has helped me out the most is, The Premium Domains.  I have sold 2 of them because of your information you have given out to us all.  I cannot thank you enough.  I hope to learn more from you and take it in stride to expand my mind outside of where I work.  I look forward to many more evenings of wine and cigars and picking your brain apart.  Keep up the good work and look forward to more posts to help me.

  • Noelle

    Nima! Love you and can’t wait to see what the next year holds. Celebrating one year with gratitude? Sounds like the perfect recipe for continued success!

  • Farima Nojoumi

    I’m so proud of you!

  • LilPrince22

    I know the effort you put into learning this industry. This blog is a symbol that when you apply yourself that you can achieve something great. Not many people have the kind of tenacity you do. You’ve always been the business man of our group. I expect nothing but the best from you, because i know you hold yourself to those same standards. You will always be successful, but not just in business, also in life. Congratulations!


  • Matthew R.

    Congrats on the 1 year Nima. We have come a long way and you deserve to be recognized for it. I applaud your hard work and determination. has been a great resource for many ppl and will continue to be a blue print for domain and business entrepreneurs trying to build their brand online. Your a true marketeer and businessman. I’m happy for you and look forward to our successful future. 

  • Luckybird18

    A Special Congratulation is in order for you on the 1 year Nima.Co anniversary!!:)  Your blog/program encourages and recognizes excellence and outstanding achievement in areas including but not limited to Leadership, Quality, Improvement, Teamwork, Customer Service, and High Levels of Performance and Dedication.  You are most valuable asset and must be rewarded for going above and beyond expectation.  I am so proud of you and see your future so bright & shinny!  Wishing you a lifetime of love success and happiness and most of all…loved Very Very much!

  • Jonathan Silver

    Congrats Nima! You got a world-class website that is so informative and rewarding to all its visitors. It has been an amazing tool for me to learn about domain investing. Heres a toast to another 100 years of success!

  • Edgar

    You´re one of the hardest working people that I´ve ever met in my life. And I know that as long as you put your mind to it, your ideas and goals can lead you anywhere you want. Congrats on the one year anniversary, and hopefully there will many more in the future.

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