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Socialnomics Reality Check


After watching this video you can’t deny business processes and technology hasn’t evolved over the years. Have you adapted your lifestyle? You probably have 100+ friends on Facebook- Have you attempted to leverage your social influence? Social media is the 3rd era of the web. The realm in which we utilize social media may change, but the foundation is clear and the technology isn’t going anywhere.

I decided to test my social equity a few days ago. After only one practice post on Facebook this website increased in traffic by 140%. The proof is in your network, tap it by going social.

-Nima Jacob Nojoumi

Quote: “New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” – Ben Grossman

By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
By Nima Jacob Nojoumi
Die hard entrepreneur, startup adviser, world traveler, blogger, inbound marketing addict and evangelist of the American Dream. Helping people is my passion, business is my vehicle.
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  • Christian Hunter

    Hey brother,

    When you say “social media is the 3rd era of the web”, are you quoting an opinion from a book or show? It’s got me curious enough to post:

    what are the first two “era’s”

    are there definitions for each era?

    And, naturally, “what’s next?”, is there a 4th era predicted, and if so, how can we make certain to be ready to capitalize on it?

    Christian Hunter

    • NJN


      Thanks for the post. Justin Kistner is the man most notably known for theorizing three phases on the web:

      1) new media
      2) web 2.0
      3) social media

      He also believes that the decline of web 2.0 is directly correlated with the rise of social media. As blogs, wikis and rss feeds increase in usage, so does the overall social presence. These tools were intended to work in conjunction with social media and therefore boost its over all presence.

      Based on Justin’s projected trends social media should peak around 2012. Check out Google trends below:,+web+2.0,+social+media

      Facebook is now the most searched and visited website on the web. To put things in perspective social media has trumped porn in terms of traffic!

      Have you heard of “Google’s nightmare, Facebooks like revolution?” – Interesting read as well.

      The user interface that the consumer interacts with may change, but everything you come in contact with will involve a customer driven social aspect – Consumer purchase path, online key chains, mobile device technology, etc.


    • NJN

      Another great read that backs up the theory that social media is the “3rd era of the web” is below:

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