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The Pioneer Of Domain Investing Blogs

Every morning I browse my top 3 favorite domain investing blogs:, & to catch up on the latest and greatest. This morning I decided maybe I should check out other blogs other than the big 3 that I relate with the most to see what else is being served-- Maybe I’d find something new if I stepped outside the “tree of trust.” Read More
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  • Jared SherwoodWell said. We tend to take for granted the resources we use ...

Google Algorithm Change

If you follow SEO news then you're familiar with the Google algorithm change. First it was Google spotlighting what they call "shallow content" by releasing an algorithm change called Panda which targeted content farms that are ranking for top keyword terms.Read More
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DOMAINfest 2011

The domain industry is a very tight knit community with a pretty significant gap between successful domain investors and struggling newbie’s. I encourage newcomers and veterans alike to attend Domain Conferences as frequently as possible. The next industry conference is DOMAINfest in Santa Monica, California which happens to be my old stomping grounds. I’m attending […]Read More
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    Domain Appraisals

    I like automated domain appraisals because it’s a quick way to cross check your intuition.  Domain appraisal services that I use frequently are: & has really become the industry standard due to its history, decently accurate appraisals and full suite of domain tools. I tend to lean with because Epik takes […]Read More
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      Premium Domains

      What is a Premium Domain? Premium domains are simply generic keyword terms that are either one or two words and typically encompasses the .Com extension. The extension is also known as a TLD (Top Level Domain) and there are many to choose from, but to date .Com trumps all. Investing in a premium domain name is […]Read More
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