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SEO Endorsed By Google’s Matt Cutts

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it means we’re optimizing your site to help Google, Bing & Yahoo better crawl, index and rank your website. That’s important to your small business because it translates to more traffic, conversions and revenue. What that really means is more time with your spouse, kids and hobbies and […]Read More
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Google Relocated CPC Estimator

One of the most frequently used domain tools is Google's external keyword tool. Domain investors can plug in a keyword phrase and sort by broad or exact match results to find advertiser competition, global & local monthly search volume, ad share, search share, local search trends and estimated CPC value. But I just noticed...Read More
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  • @Nate- I wouldn't be too upset about the change. I believe t...
  • NateThis is really disappointing. We use the keyword tool daily ...

Google and NY Times launch “A Google a Day”

Google teamed up with the NY Times to launch a new unconventional trivia game called “A Google a Day”. In Google fashion they added a twist by encouraging users to cheat! In fact, Google wants you to use their search engine to find the answer. To participate in this trivia game you have to put […]Read More
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    Google Algorithm Change

    If you follow SEO news then you're familiar with the Google algorithm change. First it was Google spotlighting what they call "shallow content" by releasing an algorithm change called Panda which targeted content farms that are ranking for top keyword terms.Read More
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    Increasing Website Traffic

    Increasing website traffic might seem like it’s rocket science or something that may take years to accomplish. The so called “Gurus” would have you believe so, but here’s the honest truth- Take baby steps, just one thing at a time like everything else in life. In todays post I’m going to discuss how to increase […]Read More
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    • Hay Day iOS CheatsRight here is the perfect site for everyone who hopes to und...
    • NJN@Ryan Thanks for the feedback. I would avoid paying for any...
    • RyanFantastic read mate! Never thought internal linking was so d...
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