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Startup Monday: Airlock Delivers Simple, Secure Cloud Hosting With A Twist

I connected with Airlock on Twitter and recognized the value they can add to a hosting sector that either delivers too little or costs too much. The airlock team brings years of technical experience, passion and problem solving ability to the table.Read More
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Startup Monday: Hyperdrive-Funded Dandy Brings App Ideas To Market

Welcome to Startup Monday! Today we’re featuring Dandy, a hot startup that’s ready to change the world. I’ll introduce you to the founders, their vision and how they’re executing their idea.Read More
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  • Matt ScobelDandy is an open forum for providing feedback on app ideas, ...
  • By Nima Jacob NojoumiJackson, that's a really good question. I forwarded it to th...
  • JacksonHow is the IP protected in the community?...

Startup Interview GroupNotes.Ca (@GroupNotes): Startup Weekend, Sleepless Nights, And The Launch!

Welcome to a new series called Startup Monday! Every week I’ll interview a hot up and coming startup that’s ready to change the world. is..Read More
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