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Startup Monday: Airlock Delivers Simple, Secure Cloud Hosting With A Twist

I connected with Airlock on Twitter and recognized the value they can add to a hosting sector that either delivers too little or costs too much. The airlock team brings years of technical experience, passion and problem solving ability to the table.Read More
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A Startup That Will Change The World

I’ve always thought how genius is the name Google? How would one even come up with something so simple and unique. After some research I found Google is actually a play on the word “Googol” — A mathematical term for the number represented by the 1 followed by one hundred zeros. I kept clicking around and it […]Read More
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  • ROOFKahn Academy is awesome! I use it all the time because I lik...
  • Nima Nojoumi@f4fbe18c75209d275d79f67fca20d736:disqus - Well, I wouldn't...
  • Vwitzens01you just now learned what Google means? ...

Google and NY Times launch “A Google a Day”

Google teamed up with the NY Times to launch a new unconventional trivia game called “A Google a Day”. In Google fashion they added a twist by encouraging users to cheat! In fact, Google wants you to use their search engine to find the answer. To participate in this trivia game you have to put […]Read More
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    Are we really approaching Technological Singularity?

    As I slowly sipped my green tea this morning my eyes scanned the headlines of my favorite reads on the web. That's when I came across the most recognized futurist on earth, Ray Kurzweil.Read More
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    • I won't even try to give a sarcastic response. You win lol T...
    • Ricky I can't wait to be able to access all knowledge possible a...
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