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Is WordPress Your CMS?

Some of the problems you might encounter with using WordPress to manage your site stem from the very simple fact that WordPress is made for blogging. Blogging isn't everything though; over the long term, your site will likely need to be able to support a growing variety of content typesRead More

Is Your Installation of WordPress Secure?

This is a guest post from my friend and colleague Brett Meyers, a domain investor / advisor and blogger at I was discussing my recent post on WordPress update 3.2 when he asked me "is your installation of WordPress secure?" After a few minutes of listening I realized it wasn't as secure as I thought so I asked if he would mind sharing his knowledge with my readers as well. Read More
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  • Paulgreat WP advice. I had never suspected you could "hide" your...
  • BrettHi there, I have thought about doing a separate write up fo...
  • I'll check with Brett (the author) and will follow up with y...
  • Domaining651Really thorough article for new installs. Can you share inst...

WordPress Update 3.2 is Now Available

In true Wordpress fashion the company released update 3.2 on Independence Day. The Wordpress update was strategically set for this momentous holiday to commemorate the freedom we have in the United States of America and to evangelize open source and free publishing around the world. Update 3.2 fixed over 400 issues,Read More
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