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Short Term vs. Long Term Gains

Positive values, high morals and professional ethics earn admiration. Honesty and transparency are rewarded. Take your time and have faith in yourself. You’re better off with slow long term gains than a quick rise to the top followed by a nose dive to the bottom.Read More
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  • marshallmindIntegrity definitely goes a long way. Which of his technique...
  • GregComparing these two icons is clearly comparing apples and or...
  • marshallmindThat's a good question. I respect Dave Ramsey on topics such...
  • JeremiSo are you more of a Dave Ramsey guy vs a Tim Ferriss guy?...

Overcoming Complacency

Living your life to its full potential is something we all desire and deserve.  Maintaining sustainable high performance is the key to realizing your potential but it’s extremely arduous to master and at times feels like a roller coaster ride. When you start a new venture it’s normal to feel excited, passionate, and motivated but […]Read More
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Greatness Exists In All Of Us

I’ve been a Will Smith fan since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired back in the early 1990′s. I love the way his presence commands attention, the way he delivers his punch lines, how comfortable he is in front of the camera and you can just tell this guy is on fire for life. […]Read More
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