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  • Nima is a true professional, business leader, and asset to his organization. When it comes to the domain industry, I personally turn to Nima for everything domain-related. An expert collaborating with enterprise-level clients, Nima always provides solid recommendations, advice, knowledge, and value. He truly cares about helping others with their businesses and domain portfolios. I give Nima my top recommendation and am fortunate to work with him as my Executive Account Manager.

    Ian LopuchVice President of Search Marketing, eHealthInsurance
  • Jacob is an outstanding young man. His is mature beyond his age and wise like a senior manager. He never shies away from a good challenge and is always thirsty to learn more. He is a hard worker and has great people skills. He likes helping others better themselves like an astute teacher. I recommend Jacob highly to any organizations looking to hire the BEST.

    Sasan NikoomaneshVice President of IT, UPN
  • I have known Nima for at least two years, and have had nothing but positive experiences with him and his work ethic. Not only does Nima know the domain industry and its participants, but he is proactive when it comes to networking and making connections outside of the domain industry. Nima is engaging and dynamic, and his entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. He is certainly well spoken and knowledgable about Internet related ventures. If my company was larger, Nima is someone I would want on my team – probably even running the team. February 29, 2012 / Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

    Elliot SilverOwner at Silver Internet Ventures, LLC and Award winning Domain Investing Blog:
  • Jacob has been my Domain Asset Manager & Advisor at GoDaddy for several years and I highly respect his professionalism, knowledge, diligence, integrity and account management skills. He responds quickly and efficiently and gets the job done perfectly every time. If you have a large portfolio of premium domains at GoDaddy, I highly recommend asking for Jacob to be your Executive Account Manager. He’s the very best! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time.

    Kevin LetoFounder & CEO of Internet Advertising, LLC
  • Nima is a clear headed and very grounded account manager who seems to know everything. His integrity is superb, as he helps you navigate through the internet ocean of information. His expertise is wide and deep and he always brings ideas and results into any conversation where you might need guidance for your IM portfolio. Nima is one of the best in the business at this level. What also stands out is his white glove, concierge level of service, no matter the size or scope of the question, issue or problem. I love working with Nima at GoDaddy.

    Bo RinaldiVP Executive Search at TalentWave
  • Jacob supported several high profile project roll outs where thousands of domains, hosting accounts, and many facets of ISP services were integrated together to form extremely productive & robust solutions for clients throughout the world. Jacob is my "Go To" guy for all ISP services - very talented & understands the Internet world to get results!

    Thounda CraigCEO of Ni-Concepts
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Nima numerous times, whether it was for consultation on domains, advice on marketing initiatives or help on lead generation, Nima has been an absolute pleasure working with. The key to Nima's ascendancy is his genuine warmth, charm and concern for those around him. When I'm not nagging him to learn the latest in domain's I always source to get the scoop on who &  what has their finger on the pulse and what I should know to have an edge on my competitors. This gent has ethics, culture & class - a real joy to know. I wholeheartedly recommend Nima and hope to work with him again in the near future.

    Fazel AdabiProgram Manager at Centigrade World
  • Nima Nojoumi is one of the biggest positive influences that I have in my life. It would be difficult to summarize how strongly I feel about this man in a single paragraph. He not only strives to create a lasting legacy for himself, but also wants greatness from the people around him. Nima's work ethic is unrivaled, his networking is at powerhouse levels, and he demonstrates high professional integrity. If ever in need of business/life advice, this is definitely one of the first people I would recommend.

    Edgar MontielRegional Director of Sales, Sterling Infosystems
  • Jacob is a passionate and focused individual. His commitment to growing, stretching and applying wisdom has made him a magnet for success in each and every new responsibility he has stepped into at GoDaddy. He appreciates feedback and is proactive in his approach to his job. His enthusiasm is contagious and he brings out the best in others.

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